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Plantfinder (Scotland) Limited are an Approved IPAF Training Centre offering Specialist training for Mobile Elevating Work Platforms within Ayrshire, Glasgow and Edinburgh Areas. Courses can be carried out at our Ayrshire and Edinburgh Training Centres or on site.

Courses Available
Mobile Elevating Work Platform (MEWP) courses for:

  • Operators
  • PAL +
  • Demonstrators

Categories of MEWP:

  • Static Vertical (1a, 1a+)
  • Static Boom (1b, 1b+)
  • Mobile Vertical (3a, 3a+)
  • Mobile Boom (3b, 3b+)
  • Push Around Vertical (PAV)
  • Insulated Aerial Device (IAD)
  • Specialist machines (SPECIAL)

This course instructs an operator to prepare and safely operate various types of MEWPs.

PAL+ is an optional, additional one day of category-specific training aimed at operators working in higher risk or challenging environments.

This course trains a demonstrator to familiarise operators with their responsibilities and demonstrate pre-operational and safe operating procedures, and the limitations of MEWPs.

Harness Use and Inspection
This course instructs a user to select, inspect and use a harness and associated equipment safely when using a MEWP.

This course instructs an operator in the correct safety procedures for the loading, unloading and securing of machinery prior to or following transportation by road.

MEWPs for Managers
This course instructs a supervisor/manager on what is required to prepare for and safely coordinate various types of MEWPs on site. This course is not about operating equipment. It is targeted at managers responsible for planning or overseeing the use of MEWPs in many sectors including construction, facilities management, retail, airports, leisure parks, industrial cleaning and tree surgery.

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